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Color Story // Purple + Orange

My first blog post. Honestly, I have been creating blogs since blogging has been a thing, or at least since I knew what blogging was. Whether it was fashion, design, my best friend and I creating a blog, photography, organization (ha!) the list goes on and on. The point is, I am really hoping this one will stick because my love of art and design has out lived any of my other creative endeavors.

I didn’t know what my first blog post would be, but I also didn’t want to think too hardly about it. I’m somewhat of a procrastinator by nature so I decided whether than obsessing over what to post first, that it’s better just to start. So here I am jumping right in!

Color. Color. Color. I have a love hate relationship with color. I think of color in the same way I think of music. I love music so much, always have. That being said, there is some music that I absolutely despise. I can’t really explain what it is, it’s not the notes, it’s not the singer’s voice, it’s not a certain instrument that is being played. It’s how those elements sound together. The best way I can explain this type of music that I cannot stand is primary color music. Yeah, it’s music but it’s so predictable that it isn’t enticing. Now, I got a bit ahead of myself. I need to explain why primary colors are the parallel to this type of music. The primary colors are the building blocks to color, they make up every single color that our eye can see. Just as the “primary color” genre of music is too basic and predictable, the “primary colors” in the literal sense are just so basic and boring. Any time I see 2 or *gag me* 3 of those colors together, it just feels so straight forward and unthoughtout that it hurts. That being said, there are so many shades, tones, and unique combinations of the primary colors make me ecstatic (hello every color is made up of the 3 basic colors)

Okay you’ve heard enough of my color and blogging rambling for this post, let’s finally jump into my favorite color combo currently!

Orange and Purple. This is a two-tone color scheme, but bonus points for adding depth with deeper, lighter iterations, and even bringing in another color.

1 - Artist: Markus Amm, Photo: via Herald St

2 - Styled By: Josephy Gardner, Photographer: Prue Ruscoe

3 - Artist: Matt McClune, Photo: Unknown

4 - Photographer: Dominik Beedgen

5 - Artist: Zoe Bios, Photo: Unknown

6 - Artist: Macazlyn Harris, Photo: Material Illusion

Do you like this color combo as much as I do? Let me know in the comments.

XO, Macazlyn


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