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Color Story // Pistachio, Pink, & Pale Tones

We are in the midst of pastels season. I love spring for so many reasons, the warm weather starting to peek in, the new beginnings, and of course the colors. Pale pastels begin popping up everywhere, not only in nature through the flowers blooming and sunseting pink skies, but in easter candies and spring break swimsuits alike. There is something so refreshing and yummy about these tones. It makes me want to take a deep breath and go for a walk outside.

The warmth is visiting every once in a while. But spring rain and snow storms (the mountain states understand this one, april blizzards no thanks lol) force us to stay inside against our yearning to be in the beautiful colors. Because of this unfortunate situation, our yeraning may bring us to wear, paint, and decorate with these warm natural pastels. Here are a few photos that are currenty inspiring my change of mood and personality after the long winter months, here's to new beginnings!!

1 - Styled By: Rachel Chudley, Photo: Paul Massey

2 - Stonework By: Unknown

3 - Artist: Macazlyn Harris

4 - Designer: Bruno Moinard

5 - Styled By: The Style Bungalow, Photo: Christina Arza

6 - Wallcovering By: Johnny-Apete

7 - Artist: Alessandro Moroder

How does your yearning for warm weather inspire art in your life?!

XO, Macazlyn


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